Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FAQ of LaLaTroop handmade items

Since I have been receiving repeating emails/messages regarding my work from different people, I have decided to post a general FAQ here for all to see and will link this page in the future for those that have questions already posted or answered here.  I will add to this list as needed later on as I encounter them.

Q: Do you accept commission?
A:Yes, I do.  My commission list is on-going and I can add your flickr id name (preferred) or etsy id name as long as you are okay with the long waiting time.  Please do understand that I am just one person so it does take time to go through each order.

Q: What are your prices?  
A: The prices of my animal hats are always listed on my etsy header for both Blythe and Latidoll since they are the most common items people purchased.  I have never hide my prices.  All changes and adjustments are posted accordingly on there.

Q: Is there a limit to how many items I can order once it is my turn on the commission?
A: No, at least not at this point.  There is no limit on the number of items you can place on your order as long as I have the materials.

Q: I saw several listings on ebay of your hats. Are they from you?
A: No.  My one and only ebay id is 'Kimurar'.  I have been using it for many years selling many items including my own handmade items.  I usually post announcement here when I do have an ebay listing going up.  All the others aren't mine.

Q: Do you make doll hats or clothes for x dolls? ('x' here represents certain doll companies)
A: I can only make doll clothes and hats in most of the types of dolls I own.  This means I can make hats and clothes for Blythe, Pullip, Momoko, YoSD, Latidoll yellow and Pukipuki.

Q: Where do I track my packages?
A: All shipping on my shop by default is via regular first class mail.  This means there is no tracking number provided.  Tracking number is only available with registered mail or EMS for international buyers.  If you wish to add tracking, please do contact me after your purchase for additional fees. This is also stated under my shipping policy under my shop.

Q: How do I go about getting a hat for my doll from you?
A: This questions I have answered many times and perhaps it is better for me to state everything once again here in one place.  There are three ways to purchase my handmade items from me:
1) Etsy listings: random and pre-announced.
I have always put my animal hats and clothing for dolls via random listing.  This is the most common method I have been using.  There is no certain time I list the items up and that is why it is called random listings.  The pre-announced listings have begin this year (2013) more often as to give people who aren't able to be online most of the time a chance to be online at certain time when the listings are going up.
2) Commission
I do accept commission on regular basis but please do understand the waiting time IS rather long as I am just one person and I also need to wait for other side to get back to me and communicate/agree on the order lists.  I usually give each person one week time to reply back to me..after all, if the waiting time has been over a year, it is only fair to give the person who's turn is up a week's time to get back to me instead of moving right to the next person after no reply in just one or two days.
3) Ebay auction
From time to time, I will list limited or OOAK hats up on my ebay.  Although not each auction I will include a free handmade gift, I do include them if the price went up after certain amount as a token of thanks and gratitude.

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