Saturday, January 4, 2014

A little announcement regarding commission and shipping....

Hello everyone~

I hope you all had great Christmas holidays with families and friends and fun new year celebrations!

Just making quick announcements regarding commission and shipping.  I am currently on last minute notice to visit my family oversea for around a month or so (the families are doing fine just doing some visitings).  What this means for commission and shipping are as followed:

Commission:  There will be a temporary hold on commission as I do not have all the materials with me on my travel to take on the work.  Commission will resume once I return home.  I will make the announcement when that happens...which I am hoping to be a month or so down the line.

There will still be random etsy listings as I do have some materials with me to make hats.

Shipping: There is good news on shipping while I am traveling since the shipping fee is lower here in Asia than what the US post charges (I am currently in Asia).  For temporary time (until I end my travel), shipping will be via registered mail with tracking and the cost will be around USD$7 instead of $20.  Once I returned to the US, shipping will return to regular first class mail ($8) with no tracking and registered mail will be back to USD$20.