Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Etsy Update on 08/29/2013


  There will be an update with animal hats and boots for blythe and latidoll yellow sizes.  To avoid confusion (in case there is one) during check outs, blythe hats will be listed up first while latidoll yellow will be listed on the same day but bit later than the blythe hats.  Because of this, there will be TWO listings: one for blythe and another for latidoll yellow.

Date, time and link to my etsy shop is listed below.  I will post the same information for those whose countries aren't able to open google sites/blogs on my flickr group.

IMPORTANT RULE: One item per person during each listing period.  This means if you are able to get a blythe hat, you may still try for a latidoll yellow listing.  I will cancel and refund if one person purchased more than 1 item during each listing so please save me the trouble and fees of doing so.  Thank you.

Lalatroop etsy -

August 29th, 2013

Blythe animal hats + 1 pair of sheep boots listing time:
1:00pm (PST) - I am located in California - USA

Latidoll yellow hats + 1 pair of sheep boots listing time:
1:15 pm (PST) - I am located in California - USA

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