Friday, April 19, 2013

Commission list updated..

I am running a little bit behind the schedule but finally updating the commission list.  I am still waiting on the current person to get back to me but since I haven't heard any news or replies, I will go ahead and contact the next person in line for the time being..

Normally, I give about one week for replies.  I figured it is only fair since the wait is rather long after being on the list.

I have also added more people to the list that have asked to be added.

*Neskouik (message sent....haven't heard back)
*hello_rach (contacting soon...)

*gata evka
* Cassandra
*ritakatita (etsy)
*Mrs Mawi
*dreamcats (etsy)
*BlackMaze (etsy)
*minievilkiwi (etsy)
*Kinomi ✿
*Marise’s wings
*quiltnookgirl (etsy)
*mysticartgirl56 (etsy)
*jen9cutie2 (etsy)
*tubbysnuggles (etsy)
*Karen ♥♥
*Sugar Hiccup
*Beth Kohl
*JoyfulGirlBlythe (etsy)
*netoskie8 (etsy)
*hoatien (etsy)
*Luneah ♥
** Sweet Lorraine *
*Little Miss no Name
*PrincessEv (etsy)
*birdielady (etsy)
*Çho¢o ~ 
*Jacqueline Low
*Marie-Eve LaQuétève
*CC happy day
*Viviana Marin (etsy)
*Guy who ♥ blythe
*Elvia (eds214) - etsy
*Samantha (etsy)
*Valérie Busymum
*Mudhoney1 (etsy)
*dizzybliss (etsy)
*Brie Henri (etsy)
*Rebecca/MilkyWaySugarUK (etsy)
*Emmr_ (Emma)
*Liz (etsy)
*Ptitekiwii (etsy)
*Carrie Peralta (etsy)
*piscoponzu (etsy)
*Kristine soriano (etsy)
*Heather Gullickson (etsy)
*Alice ... (Alicia)
*pinkdaisymae (etsy)
*Miyako Galluzzi (galshiba) (etsy)
*maggie stimson (rubybaby111) (etsy)
*Aveline (etsy)
*Piticrunchy (Patateofeu)
*missnolady (etsy)
*❤ Kaori •°✿°•。
*tati68 .
*Manderz (etsy)/ManderzRN (flickr)
*Heather Andrews
*rita wong (bLipPiuM) - etsy
*Chanel; 샤넬 
*cookie3 (etsy)
*deeya loram (etsy)
*glowcat (etsy)
*littlepoppet (Yvonne)
*Cristina xoxo
*Jo Learner (etsy)
*Jessica Green/LeFlamingoNoir
*claribari (etsy)
*lilmisszoe23 (etsy)
*Tiny Haus
*malkama (Kasia)
*sunshine muse
*ilil ziv
*mellow is me
*Diego Galindo (Falcon988) - etsy
*janet-blythe (janet chin) -flickr/janetblythe (etsy)
*Adva Esh
*Luca (etsy)
*Rachel Locke/sweetteamom (etsy)
*Donella Irwin (etsy)
*Little Strawbs
*dr.plum (Paige)
*nili kleinman (etsy)
*oh my blythe! (amy)
*Dolly Wardrobe/Marcos
*Mari Assmann
*Rozio Chiochio (maffy on flickr)
*Nicole/ninichan on flickr
*Lelie loves bubble*tea/Marcia Wen
*Beckles123(flickr)/Rebecca Davis (etsy)
*Karen Chou (facebook)
*Das Rosas (Mirka Das Rosas)
*Little Miercoles/Cris
*Little Prix*/Priscila
*Renata S.P (sweettricot) - etsy
*toome/TooMeBlythe - etsy
*noelia_sweet/noelia torres
*loveangthong (etsy)
*JR (etsy)
*Lou Grimes
*lalastone (etsy)
*fairytale/mila borsos
*Bunny Blythe/Carol
*duckyquack (etsy)
*rachelstarczewski (etsy)
*sweetlittlefairy(flickr)/Danielle Henx(dany111)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mini pre-announced listing for blythe sheep hats


  There will be a mini pre-announced blythe sheep hats update for those who are interested.  Since the last one went rather well and I figured this will give some people a different way of owning these hats if the random listing that I normally do didn't work out for some of you.

  For the listing this time, I will separate into 2 different times.  What this means is there will be half of the hats going up at a certain time and the remaining ones will be listed at a later time.  This is to give people from other sides of the world to be up and online if they weren't able to do so for the first listing due to time differences.

  Rules: Each person can only purchase ONE hat and yes, this means if you are able to make a purchase during the first listing, you may NOT try for the second listing.  If for some reason one person ended up with 2 purchases, I will cancel the second one and re-list it so please save me the time and money by obeying the rule.

  I am hoping to finish around 7 ~ 9 hats for this update.  Five hats have already been posted on my flickr and the remaining ones I will post them up when they are finished before the listing times.

  Now for the place and times:

First listing
When: April 9th, 2013
Time: 12:30pm PST (I am in the US - California)
Place: my etsy shop

Second listing
When: April 10th, 2013
Time: 1am PST (I am in the US - California)
Place: my etsy shop

Link of my shop:

If for some unforeseen reasons that I need to cancel or reschedule the listings, I will make sure to let you guys know beforehand either here or on my flickr.  Thank you.

One last note: I am sorry but currently I am not accepting orders at this time.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ebay auction: Blythe pink baby goat hat 1 day listing


  I am placing a blythe size pink baby goat hat up on ebay.  There will not be more hats on ebay until next few weeks as I will be working on other projects/commissions and etsy listing.

For those of you that are interested, please do take the time to have a look.  Thank you~

Ebay link: