Sunday, May 26, 2013

Commission list update


  Just a little heads up that I have added some people who asked to be added to the current list.  As always, I am always grateful to all of you especially for being so patient with me on the waiting time.

If you have changed your mind or want to be removed from the list, please let me know.

Here is the current status of the list and update:

*hello_rach (contacted...)

*gata evka
* Cassandra
*ritakatita (etsy)
*Mrs Mawi
*dreamcats (etsy)
*BlackMaze (etsy)
*minievilkiwi (etsy)
*Kinomi ✿
*Marise’s wings
*quiltnookgirl (etsy)
*mysticartgirl56 (etsy)
*jen9cutie2 (etsy)
*tubbysnuggles (etsy)
*Karen ♥♥
*Sugar Hiccup
*Beth Kohl
*JoyfulGirlBlythe (etsy)
*netoskie8 (etsy)
*hoatien (etsy)
*Luneah ♥
** Sweet Lorraine *
*Little Miss no Name
*PrincessEv (etsy)
*birdielady (etsy)
*Çho¢o ~ 
*Jacqueline Low
*Marie-Eve LaQuétève
*CC happy day
*Viviana Marin (etsy)
*Guy who ♥ blythe
*Elvia (eds214) - etsy
*Samantha (etsy)
*Valérie Busymum
*Mudhoney1 (etsy)
*dizzybliss (etsy)
*Brie Henri (etsy)
*Rebecca/MilkyWaySugarUK (etsy)
*Emmr_ (Emma)
*Liz (etsy)
*Ptitekiwii (etsy)
*Carrie Peralta (etsy)
*piscoponzu (etsy)
*Kristine soriano (etsy)
*Heather Gullickson (etsy)
*Alice ... (Alicia)
*pinkdaisymae (etsy)
*Miyako Galluzzi (galshiba) (etsy)
*maggie stimson (rubybaby111) (etsy)
*Aveline (etsy)
*Piticrunchy (Patateofeu)
*missnolady (etsy)
*❤ Kaori •°✿°•。
*tati68 .
*Manderz (etsy)/ManderzRN (flickr)
*Heather Andrews
*rita wong (bLipPiuM) - etsy
*Chanel; 샤넬 
*cookie3 (etsy)
*deeya loram (etsy)
*glowcat (etsy)
*littlepoppet (Yvonne)
*Cristina xoxo
*Jo Learner (etsy)
*Jessica Green/LeFlamingoNoir
*claribari (etsy)
*lilmisszoe23 (etsy)
*Tiny Haus
*malkama (Kasia)
*sunshine muse
*ilil ziv
*mellow is me
*Diego Galindo (Falcon988) - etsy
*janet-blythe (janet chin) -flickr/janetblythe (etsy)
*Adva Esh
*Luca (etsy)
*Rachel Locke/sweetteamom (etsy)
*Donella Irwin (etsy)
*Little Strawbs
*dr.plum (Paige)
*nili kleinman (etsy)
*oh my blythe! (amy)
*Dolly Wardrobe/Marcos
*Mari Assmann
*Rozio Chiochio (maffy on flickr)
*Nicole/ninichan on flickr
*Lelie loves bubble*tea/Marcia Wen
*Beckles123(flickr)/Rebecca Davis (etsy)
*Karen Chou (facebook)
*Das Rosas (Mirka Das Rosas)
*Little Miercoles/Cris
*Little Prix*/Priscila
*Renata S.P (sweettricot) - etsy
*toome/TooMeBlythe - etsy
*noelia_sweet/noelia torres
*loveangthong (etsy)
*JR (etsy)
*Lou Grimes
*lalastone (etsy)
*fairytale/mila borsos
*Bunny Blythe/Carol
*duckyquack (etsy)
*rachelstarczewski (etsy)
*sweetlittlefairy(flickr)/Danielle Henx(dany111)
*marce280*/marcela m
*Flava Sweet
*joannereilly (etsy)
*pamela dd/(pameladd1)
*pansy28 (etsy)
*XantheShine/Xiomara Glindmeyer (etsy)
*Pam/Pamella (brazil)
*kohay (etsy)
*laetitia54 (etsy)
*Danielle/Keanie (etsy)
*Elena Ramajo Arteaga/(Barkinfille) - etsy
*always-dreaming/katie powell
*akachan03(flickr)/Anh Ton (etsy)
*Samantha Snyder1 (flickr)
*thecityofwonder73/Laura A(flickr)

Ebay auction: Blythe orange baby goat hat with boots for 1 day


  Just a quick heads up to let those of you who are interested know that there is currently a blythe size orange baby goat hat with boots on my ebay auction. Thank you for looking.

Ebay auction:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mini etsy shop update: May 23rd, 2013


  There will be a mini pre-announced update on my etsy shop for both blythe and latidoll yellow items.  Since I usually update my etsy shop at random times, this is another way to help those who cannot be online most of the time or have the luck with random updates.

Things to keep in mind: Please make sure when making the purchase on etsy that you select the right item for the right size of dolls as I will not accept refunds or cancelations once the purchases are made.  So let say you made a purchase of latidoll yellow hat but actually wanted blythe size, I cannot cancel the sale.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Rules: One item per person, please.

Now, for the place and time, here they are:

Place: my etsy shop

May 23rd, 2013 (Thursday)

Time: 8:00pm PST (I am in the US - California)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ebay auction: Blythe animal hat - pink panda on ebay


  Sorry for a bit of late announcement as I've just realized I forgot to mention the pink panda hat with boots currently up on ebay for blythe.

Those that are interested please do go and check it out, thank you~

Ebay auction:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trade list


  Since some of you have been messaging me regarding trades, here is a small list of items I am currently looking for at this time.  Please do not feel offended or bad if I refuse the trade as some colors or items I may already have or not what I have in mind for my dolls.  Thank you for understanding.

**Few things to keep in mind:
-For all trade items, I ship via regular mail just like with all my etsy items, which means no tracking of any kind.  I will not be responsible for lost or stolen packages.  I can ship via registered mail but you will have to pay for this as international postage has gone up insanely this year from USPS (United States Postal Service)

-limited colors/ebay color hats are off the limit (which means I will not make those for trading purposes).

-If I do not know you or have not done trades with you, please provide some sort of feedback for the trade.  Thank you.

Items I am looking for at this time:
-Mimsy hats (especially those with funny expressions)
-Cosmia clothing

If you have any one of these you think you might be able to give up and trade, please email me (do not send me flickr messages):

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ebay auction - blythe size caramel baby goat hat


  There is a blythe size caramel baby goat hat listed on ebay for 1 day only.  Those that are interested please do take a look, thank you.

Ebay link:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ebay auction: 1 day only blythe pink sheep hat


  There is one blythe size pink sheep hat currently listed on eBay.  For those who are interested, please do take a look at the auction.

eBay link: