Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Regarding commission and how it works..

Since I have received couple messages regarding commission and the waiting time, I figure to best make it a post and explains it in a single post to avoid future confusions.

To those of you who are on the list or may wish to be added later on the list, here is how commission list works:

1) You can contact me via etsy or email to be added to the current list.  Yes, the line is long and so is the waiting time but if you are okay with these, I can add your flickr or etsy id name on the list.  The commission list and status is posted on this blog.  You will need to find the most current header with the subject 'commission status update'.

2) Once you are added to the list, you do not need to pay me anything while waiting.  I do not take or accept payment before your turn is up.  No deposit beforehand to hold the spot is required.  All you have to do once I added you in line is to wait until I contact you then you can send me your order list so that both of us can go over the prices/availabilities.

3) Once I contacted the current person in line, I usually give it one week time after the initial message for the other side to respond back to me.  Most of the time I do get a reply back within good time frame but there were several times which I did not.  To make it fair for the person waiting and those behind the line, I give one week time to wait for reply before moving onto the next person.  After all, if you are in the line it means you have been waiting for a long time to be your turn.  I can surely wait a week to hear back from you and not jump right to the next person simply because I did not get a reply back in couple days.

4) Once the order list is agreed upon, I will then ask for small deposit so that I can start on the order.  I do not ask for the full amount to be paid up front unless it is a small order containing less than 5 items.  Most of the orders I have received are rather big..meaning it contained anywhere between 20 ~ 40 items or more.  Since I do not get paid until the order is finished, I list items up on my etsy shop while working on the commission order to help pay for my bills.  This also help those who wish to own my animal hats or dolly clothes a chance to get one instead of waiting in the long line.

5)  As each item is finished, I will post it up on my flickr with the title 'For xxx' (xxx is the person that the item is for).  When all the items are finished, I will ask for payment and please kindly pay within 2 ~ 3 days.

Due to some of the above points mentioned (such as waiting for the other side to reply and big order list), it is hard for me to tell you exactly how long is the wait so for those of you who have asked, I cannot give you a definite answer.  I do apologize for this but I hope for some understands.

As for pricing, it will be the most current prices I have updated on my etsy shop header (this is for the animal hats).

New Rule: For my commission order so far, I have not put a limit on the number of items you can ask for.  To help reduce the time waiting in line, I will now put a limit of 20 items per person as the maximum quantity.  This means you can ask for anything up to 20 items, not more.  I have given this some thought and before I did not want to put a limit on the quantity because each one of you that has been waiting in line has waited for a long time so I wanted it to be as fair as possible but since I have been getting messages about the time waited, I decided it best to balance it out a bit and put the limit on 20 items or less. This rule will apply after I finish this current commission order.

*Please also keep in mind that I am just one person sewing, packing and going to the post office.  To make sure all paid items are shipped in timely manner, I go to post office twice a week.  I will try my best to keep the commission line moving and updating my etsy shop so I truly appreciate your patience and understanding.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it is rather long but it is necessary.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Etsy update 06/09/14


There will be a small update of blythe size sheep hats.  This batch has 2 limited sheep hats of the color hot pink.  Price for the limited hot pink will be USD$80.  Prices for other sheep hats as always are listed up on my etsy shop header.

Date, time and link to my etsy shop are listed below.  I will post the same information for those whose countries aren't able to open google sites/blogs over on my flickr group.

***IMPORTANT RULE (please follow): One item/hat per person.

I will cancel and refund if one person purchased more than 1 item during the listing so please save me the trouble and fees from etsy of doing so.  Thank you.

**For local time in your country, please check here:

Shipping: Shipping by default is regular first class mail with no tracking.  If you wish to add tracking to your package, there will be extra fees.  Please contact me after your purchase for additional fees.

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June 9th, 2014

1: 00pm (PST)