Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ATTN: LaLaTroop commission work and etsy listing (08/30/16)

Hello everyone~

Some of you may have heard from me already regarding this news..I will be taking a short break due to health reasons.  Nothing super series (at least I hope not!) but it does require attention and to be taken care of.  Women at my age tend to have few unlikeable friends that likes to tag along and mine happens to be fibroids.   I will be staying with my family overseas and also to see doctor in the upcoming months and possibly to go through a surgery.

Since I am not bringing my sewing machine with me (last time I did that the airport carrier broke the machine during transit), this means I will not be able to sew and list animal hats up daily like what I have been doing.  I will bring with me a few finished sheep hats to list during the trip and if possible, to buy a cheap sewing machine to sew but it is not a guarantee.  Therefore, all LaLaTroop work such as commission and etsy listing will be on temporary hold until I am back around mid-November.  If all goes well, I am hoping to take a mini rest after the surgery and to look out for new fur materials and colors upon my return.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

I will post the same information over on my flickr and twitter.