Thursday, October 4, 2018

David Bowie inspired sheep hats listing time and info

I have made 2 red Davie Bowie sheep hats for neo blythe on my etsy shop.  These were made exclusively for Blythecon LA and the neo blythe size were sold out by the end of the day.  These two red ones I am making are for those who weren't able to attend the con.  There will also be a mango yellow color David Bowie inspired hat (picture will be up tomorrow).  I will list them at different times so those on the other side of the world can be able to get one.

There will be one lime green David Bowie hat for middie Blythe.

There are subtle differences in each hat as the faces are hand-painted and the earring studs are different.

Punk sheep hats will also be listed and these are regular release and the left overs from the con will be up tomorrow as well.

David Bowie Inspired sheep hat red (1): 10/5/18 @ 1pm PST
David Bowie Inspired sheep hat red (2): 10/5/18 @ 11pm PST
David Bowie Inspired sheep hat mango yellow: TBA

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