Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lalatroop's first collaboration set featuring - Supabonbon!

Hello everyone~

  I am here to announce my first collaboration work with an oversea dolly designer - Vivienne/Supabonbon!

Supabonbon is known for her sweet adorable dress sets with tutu underskirts so when she first asked me to see if we can work together on some dolly sets, I did not even hesitate and said yes.  We have exchanged few emails and messages to discuss how to work this out and I must admit it was a rather exciting and interesting experience.  Our ideas to create something cute and sweet are very much alike so I am very honored to be working with her and to hear her ideas on this collaboration sets.

There are 3 different designs and each design comes with two sets each so a total of six sets. Supabonbon will list 3 sets on her etsy shop and I will list the other 3 on mine.

Prices are listed below (prior to shipping) along with what each set includes:
Hot pink love set - USD$135
*hot pink sheep hat (limited color)
*hot pink dress

Double sweetness - USD$145
*duo color sheep (pale pink and peach)
*pink and white candy stripe dress
*tutu underskirt

Wild leopard - USD$155
*duo leopard color pirate sheep hat (2 different leopard furs combined)
*white top
*overall pants
*banana toy

All items from my etsy shop by default are shipped via regular mail.  This means no insurance or tracking.  If you wish to add tracking to your package, please contact me after you check out the item for additional shipping cost.

Regular mail within the US: USD$2.75
Regular mail outside of the US: USD$8

For the time and date of Supabonbon's listings, please visit her blog:

For the time and date on my side, here it is listed below:
Date: 10/28/2013
Time: 2:00pm PDT
Place: Lalatroop etsy -

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