Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Info regarding: pre-order of 5th round of blythe sheep hats


  Thank you once again for those who have love and support my little animal farm (animal hats for blythe).  Like I have mentioned a few times before on flickr and personal messages, I did not expect such great demands for them and I do appreciate each and everyone of you who like my work from the bottom of my heart.

I have tried my best to help those who wish to own a hat get one by listing them up daily on my etsy shop, putting rare hats on ebay and taking pre-orders but sometimes it is still impossible to reach this goal as I am just one person.  SO....I have decided that there will be a new rule for this round of pre-order which I will mention below.

*one customer per round of pre-order
*new rule: you can only place an order for this round of pre-order if you have NOT gotten any sheep hats from me before.  This is to help those who did not have fast fingers for my daily etsy shop update.  This only applies to the pre-order.  There is no restriction on my daily etsy shop listing.

How the pre-order works:
I will list a total of 4 pre-orders for the blythe size regular sheep hats with fur chin strap.  Time and date will be listed below.  Once you have successfully checked out and paid from etsy for the pre-order, please send me an etsy message and let me know the following information:

-what color for the hat
-what color for the face
-what color for the flower (if you have preference)
-what color for the interior polka dot fabric

**Sheep-like fur color choices:
-black, brown, cream and white

**Interior polka dot fabric choices:
-red with white polka dot
-pink with white polka dot
-baby blue with white polka dot
-lime green with white polka dot
-brown with white polka dot
-white with red polka dot
-black with white polka dot

**mouth color (felt material)
-white, cream, grey or mocha

Price: USD$30 + shipping for regular sheep hats (regular mail by default)
*if you prefer registered mail for outside of the US, please let me know after your purchase and I will send you invoice for additional fees (registered mail will be $12 on top of the regular postage)
**Although I haven’t had much problem with regular mail, I am not to be hold responsible for lost mail shipped via regular mail method


Time (I am in the US):
Sept 12th - 12:00pm (PST): 2 pre-orders available for regular sheep hats
Sept 13th - 12:30am (PST): 2 pre-orders available for regular sheep hats

**if something occur and I need to change the time, I will post announcement beforehand.

How long will it take to finish:
Once you have checked out via etsy and sent in payment with color details and info, I will try to have your hat finish within 5~7 days.  Once the hat is finished, I will send you a picture prior to shipping it out.

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