Thursday, September 20, 2012

About my etsy listing...

This is just a quick post regarding my etsy listing since I received few messages about them almost daily.  I thought this might be a faster way to save time and announce it publicly rather than replying to individuals over similar questions.

I do not want to be rude and not answer to messages but sometimes it is impossible to answer to so many with most of them being repeated questions so I thought this will be the best way.  Therefore, please do pardon me if I don't reply to messages related to these issues I am mentioning below from this point on.  I am not upset at anyone but just want to make it clear to avoid future problems.

-random listing: this means I will list my dolly items at random times.  I do not have a set time when I list them although I do tend to list them somewhere between 11am ~ 2pm PST.  I do try to spread out to different times but I am not always near my computer or online.

-no reserve: I am sorry but I cannot put a reserve for anyone as it would not be fair for those who are trying also to get something from my shop.

-daily listing: I do try to list dolly items up daily but sometimes life other than dolls (yes, it is possible) gets in the way and I may not be able to do so.  One other reason why I try to have daily listing is to make it more possible for those who want certain items to get a chance to do so.

One last note: Please be kind and considerate when commenting on my flickr posts.  Do avoid sale related comments on my flickr and absolutely no cuss words allow.  Words like 'damn' and 'shit' are okay but nothing more.

Thank you all for reading and understanding.  I will try to spread out my listing time more so those on the other side of the world won't loose sleep and also have a chance at these items.

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  1. Thank you darling, your words are very friendly and sure people understand you, of course

    kisses and regards