Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little change.....for the greater good?!

I have received some messages regarding my random listing on my etsy shop.  Since I usually list them between 11 ~ 1pm PST, some folks from other side of the world were mentioning that it was hard for them to get a hold of the hats due to time differences.  I have given some thoughts about this so here is what will happen...

I usually make the items and as soon as they are finished with sufficient natural day light, I will list them up.  I guess it was easier for me to keep track and not have something stored or piled up on my sewing cabinets.  From now, I will put aside one or two hats that are finished with photo taken during day time and save them to list at a later time of the day.  It will still be random listing as I do not like to be restricted to certain time of the day to list my items.  This is because 1) I cannot guarantee I will be around my computer 2) it will be a good surprise for those that happens to be online at the time and 3) well, I just like random listing and am used to it.

With that said, there will be one white sheep hat heading up on my shop later today.

Oh! One more thing....I will have a ebay listing hopefully this weekend for either a pink or white bunny hat.  More info of that will be posted when it is ready.

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