Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter seasonal animal hat - Reindeer


  This is an announcement for reindeer hats.  As I have announced earlier that I will be making them until end of November to ensure that the hats reach to the buyers on time or before Christmas especially for those that are overseas.

We are now in the month of December and I have still gotten a few requests for the reindeer hats so I have decided to extend the time and make them until mid-December or so.
*Important:  Please keep in mind that at this point, we are entering the busiest season for mailing so the speed for delivery is slow and rather risky especially for international regular mail.  I cannot and will not be hold responsible for slow/lost/stolen mail.  If you wish to add tracking, please contact me after your purchase for additional postage fees.

How to get them:
I will try both listing methods on my etsy shop - pre-announced and random.  I am going to try and list a set of pre-announced listing for reindeer hats in blythe and latidoll yellow sizes.  Between now and mid-December, I will also list these randomly.  Hopefully those who wishes for a reindeer hat can get one in the month of December by either of these methods.  For pre-announced listings, I will make a post of it when it is ready.

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