Thursday, March 14, 2013

Regarding copies of my work


  Few people have brought to my attention regarding this issue and this is not the first time.  As I have mentioned before, I do not like or appreciate my work being copied in any ways or forms.  Please have some decency and creativity for yourself and respect others and their work.

I do not have problem with people making animal hats for dolls because the concept and idea of animal hat is very general and basic.  It is just like making a t-shirt.  I am not the original creator of such concept nor do I claim to be.

However, I do have problem with people taking my animal facial designs and making direct copies of them.  Those designs and ideas are of my own.  Giving the hats a character with certain facial features and look do come from the artist herself or himself.  Please respect that at the very least.  It is already very rude to do direct copies of my work let alone trying to sell for profits.  If you really like to sew and make hats or clothes for dolls, whether they be for your personal use or to sell, please use and come up with your own ideas and concepts.

Thank you for those who take the time to read this.


  1. I saw someone on FB post her animal hats, it is totally copied from yours. And also saw a Chinese lady make Lati size of it, she is also on Flickr.

    1. Yes. Someone pointed to me the FB one (which this same person is also on flickr - not the Chinese lady..that is another copy cat one). Her reaction toward this whole thing is what makes it even worse.