Monday, January 28, 2013

Commission list and questions


  I am re-posting my commission list here (because the original one is being buried under last year's folder under Sept.).

  I have been receiving some messages regarding commissions so I thought to clear it up a bit here to avoid misunderstanding.  On my previous blog post, I said I am not accepting orders.  What I meant by this was I am not taking orders from people who just message me randomly and ask for hats to be made.  I understand those who sent me the messages may be new and not aware of the fact that I do have a commission list going on and it has been on for few years so it doesn't hurt to ask.  So yes, I do have a commission list and it is never closed as I do not like to close doors on anyone even if I was told to close it before.  Here is the list again and the current status:

*cassandralwilke (etsy) - (finished..)
*gata evka
* Cassandra
*ritakatita (etsy)
*Mrs Mawi
*dreamcats (etsy)
*BlackMaze (etsy)
*minievilkiwi (etsy)
*Kinomi ✿
*Marise’s wings
*quiltnookgirl (etsy)
*mysticartgirl56 (etsy)
*jen9cutie2 (etsy)
*tubbysnuggles (etsy)
*Karen ♥♥
*Sugar Hiccup
*Beth Kohl
*JoyfulGirlBlythe (etsy)
*netoskie8 (etsy)
*hoatien (etsy)
*Luneah ♥
** Sweet Lorraine *
*Little Miss no Name
*PrincessEv (etsy)
*birdielady (etsy)
*Çho¢o ~ 
*Jacqueline Low
*Marie-Eve LaQuétève
*CC happy day
*Viviana Marin (etsy)
*Guy who ♥ blythe
*Elvia (eds214) - etsy
*Samantha (etsy)
*Valérie Busymum
*Mudhoney1 (etsy)
*dizzybliss (etsy)
*Brie Henri (etsy)
*Rebecca/MilkyWaySugarUK (etsy)
*Emmr_ (Emma)
*Liz (etsy)
*Ptitekiwii (etsy)
*Carrie Peralta (etsy)
*piscoponzu (etsy)
*Kristine soriano (etsy)
*Heather Gullickson (etsy)
*Alice ... (Alicia)
*pinkdaisymae (etsy)
*Miyako Galluzzi (galshiba) (etsy)
*maggie stimson (rubybaby111) (etsy)
*Aveline (etsy)
*Piticrunchy (Patateofeu)
*missnolady (etsy)
*❤ Kaori •°✿°•。
*tati68 .
*Manderz (etsy)/ManderzRN (flickr)
*Heather Andrews
*rita wong (bLipPiuM) - etsy
*Chanel; 샤넬 
*cookie3 (etsy)
*deeya loram (etsy)
*glowcat (etsy)
*littlepoppet (Yvonne)
*Cristina xoxo
*Jo Learner (etsy)
*Jessica Green/LeFlamingoNoir
*claribari (etsy)
*lilmisszoe23 (etsy)
*Tiny Haus
*malkama (Kasia)
*sunshine muse
*ilil ziv
*mellow is me
*Diego Galindo (Falcon988) - etsy
*janet-blythe (janet chin) -flickr/janetblythe (etsy)
*Adva Esh
*Luca (etsy)
*Rachel Locke/sweetteamom (etsy)
*Donella Irwin (etsy)
*Little Strawbs
*dr.plum (Paige)
*nili kleinman (etsy)
*oh my blythe! (amy)


  1. I wish, I could be on this list :)

  2. Peggy, I was confused by the commission list as I thought it was closed also(man I wished I would have know a few months ago) Anyway can I be added to the waiting/commission list. I am puffypoogle on etsy and flickr

  3. I would love to be added to your commission list if possible. I am expecting my very first Blythe in February and would love to gift her something. I know it will be a wait, but I am willing. Thank you.

  4. I would love to be added to your waiting list. I know it will be aa bit of a wait but I am happy to do so. Thank you.
    Ann (Dolly Gram)

  5. I would really like to be added to your list. I'm up for a very long wait! :) THANK YOU!!!

    1. (BTW, JustBec on flickr and Blythe Kingdom).

  6. Please add me to the waiting list too. Thanks!
    (janet-blythe on Flickr)

  7. please add me too to the list
    Netanella(nkahalon in BK)

  8. Hello

    I have to apologize first to those of you who commented here as I do not check my blog often for comments >__<

    For those of you who wish to be added, can you let me know your flickr id please? Those that did post a note of their flickr id I have added the names to the list already, thanks!

  9. My name is buvilla in the Flickr.

    Hello ... I have seen his hats and I like them very much.. Can It put my name in his list of orders

  10. I would love to be on that list
    I´m cocoblythe in BK and flickr
    Thank you very much

  11. I have added those with flickr on the current list, thank you all once again.

  12. Hi Peggy, I am trellygil on Flickr. Thankssssss

  13. Hi Peggy, can I be added? I am loveblythe on flickr. Awesome work! Thank you!

  14. Hi Peggy, Missed out on that pre order! Gone in a flash :( I messaged you on etsy a few weeks ago about being added to the list but i cant see my name here. I am Strawberryj on etsy or little strawbs on flickr. Can i please be added? Many thanks :)

    1. Hm, I didn't see the message..sorry about that. I have added you to the current list.

  15. Hi Peggy,

    Could you add me to the list? :)

    Best regards!
    Carmina (barbievoltios on flickr)

  16. Peggy I don't see my name listed so you probably missed my message above, I should be right after Malkama, again I am puffypoogle on flickr and everywhere else too! Thanks

    1. Sorry about that >__< I have added you.

    2. Thanks for keeping the list going even though it is really long and you are very fair about how you sell the sheep hats which I really appreciate

  17. Hello Peggy

    Could you please add me to the list? I would really appreciate it.
    I´m cakau on flickr :)

    Thanks so much :D

  18. Hi Peggy,

    Could I be added to your list too please? My flickr name is highsocietycyclops


  19. Hi! I love your hats! The goats are the cutest. :) Would you please add me to your commission list? My flickr name is crazycurlygirl.

  20. Hello! I'm always late on your etsy listings, so I would love to be added to your commission list if possible. I'm horseonthemoor on Flickr too!

    Thank you!