Monday, January 21, 2013

A few notes regarding my handmade items..


  I would like to first give out thanks to everyone that have loved and supported me with my animal hats for dolls, especially blythe.  I have never imagine the animal hats to be this well received and loved by so many in the blythe community.  So once again, thank you.

  With that in mind, there are a few things that I would like to mention in order to help clear up any misunderstandings, questions or thoughts I have been hanging around in my mind.

What am I currently working on:
pre-orders: I am currently finishing up all the 6 hats from the pre-orders that was held last week...4 of them are already packed up and ready for the post while the remaining two, I need to take pictures for their owners to see and get those ready to be shipped as well.

commission: The person that the turn is up has been contacted a week or two ago...she replied back to me but is taking some time to decide what she wants (I usually try not to rush each person, after all, they have waited a long time for their turns).  If this person still needs more time to think about what they want, I might move onto the next person in line BUT this does not mean I am skipping the one thinking about the order.  I am trying to move the line along and see if I can work on both orders around the same time.

etsy: I am still trying my best to put up 2 ~ 3 hats daily on my shop.  As some of you might have noticed, I am trying to list them up at very different times so I hope that will help more people to get the hats they have been wanting and waiting for.

trade: There are 4 trades I am/will be working on and photos of those will be posted as soon as I am done with each of them.

Regarding some messages I have been getting:
As busy as I have been aside from sewing and other daily errands, I do still try to reply to each and every message I received.

messages regarding orders: I am sorry but at this time, I am not taking any orders as I have an on-going commission list to go through along with trades, etsy listing and pre-orders.

messages of frustrations: Like I have mentioned before, as busy as I have been and time consuming to reply to numerous ones a day, I do try to get back to each and everyone of you.  For those that messaged me about not being able to get a hat via etsy or pre-order, I can only ask for you to understand my position as a seller.  I cannot control what a buyer does after the item has been bought off my shop.  Yes, I have seen people reselling my hats on second hand market for double, triple and in some cases even more than 6x than my asking price.  This goes the same for other popular items that aren't made by me and I am sure those sellers also have little to no control of this.  It is a rather sad thing for the sellers/creators to see this but again, it is not my position to tell them what to do with their purchased items.  I cannot refuse and wouldn't like to refuse sales to anyone.  I have try and been trying to keep my price as fair as possible and only increase the price a bit to cover the increase in my materials and not for big profits.  I am doing this to help people who love what I do and make to be able to get the items at somewhat affordable prices.  To sum this all up and help those that are still waiting to own a hat from me, I can only suggest the followings:

1) For those of you who have been able and are lucky enough to keep getting hats off my etsy shop, I can only ask for you guys to be considerate of others who have been wanting to own just one and let other people have a chance.  I will not block you or refuse sales but I do hope to give more people a chance that really wanted a hat from me and for their dolls.

2) For the next pre-orders, I will limit to those that have never own any LaLaTroop sheep hats off me to get one.  This is only for the pre-orders and like I have said, I do not like to refuse sale to anyone so my etsy shop does not apply to this.

By posting this, I am hoping to reduce the number of messages that aren't related to current orders/commissions so that I may have bit more time to focus and work on dolly hats for people that are waiting/hoping and to show what I have been busy working on.  I am also hoping you guys to understand that I am just one person trying to do the best I can to reach as many people as I can that love my work and keep this fun for both myself as the creator and you as the buyer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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