Friday, May 30, 2014

What random listing means

I am taking some time to write this post because I have received a few messages asking me when is and when is my random listings for my dolly animal hats.

I thought the word 'random' should be pretty self explanatory but since few people have wrote to ask me about it and instead of writing or replying back each time, I will explain it here all at once and link future questions related to this with this post.

What is random listing?
Random listings mean I regularly list my dolly animal hats (whether it be for blythe, latidoll yellow, middie or other sizes) up on my etsy shop without announcing a particular time or date.  So even if you write to ask me when will the hats be up, I cannot give you a definite answer because I make and list each hat up as I go.  This is just one method (aside from commission and pre-announced listings) to let those people who wish to own a hat made by me to have better chance or luck at getting one.

How do I know when a random listing is happening?
As most or some of you may already know, most of my listings on my etsy shop are random.  How can you tell if I am about to list a hat up on my etsy shop?  Well, I generally post the hat that is going up on my etsy shop first on my flickr and then head to the shop to list it.  Flickr is only used to display my work.  I do not sell or link my etsy shop on my flickr photos.  So you can see what color and for what doll the hat will be first on my Flickr.

I hope this helps to explain what random listing is since few people have asked me in the past weeks which got me thinking maybe I wasn't being clear when I stated that my listings are random daily.  Please understand that by no means am I making fun of anyone.  I am simply explaining it once and for all in a single post to save time of doing so in the future.  I just figured if more than one person has asked the same question, then perhaps I wasn't being clear.

Thank you all again for the love and support of my work.

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