Saturday, June 29, 2013

'New' method of LaLaTroop animal hat listings


  I hope everyone is enjoying their summers despite the weather being super hot and dry (for some countries anyways).

  I am here to make a little announcement regarding my listing on etsy.  I do not know if the demands are still high for my blythe animal hats (and this is my honest opinion as fashion trend tends to come in as quickly as it goes out) but I have been receiving few requests to be added to the current commission list along with the few usual not being able to be around the computer/online for the listings and/or having same individuals getting them .

  So, after giving it some thoughts, I have decided to do most of my etsy listings with pre-announced already made hats for the time being and will see how this works out.  Of course, I will still try to have some random ones up but they will not be as often as before if I am to do the pre-announced ones.

  By pre-announced listings, what this means is I will make a small batch of already made and ready to be shipped animal hats for my shop updates.   I will post a group photo of the batch with details of the time posted here on my blog and flickr group (flickr group is for those people whose countries aren't able to open up google blogs).  Flickr is just to showcase my work like I always have been doing, not for sale purposes.

The only rule for each pre-announced listing: One person per item.  If I see one person getting more than 1 item, I will refund the second item and re-list it.  So please help me save the hassel from doing so and avoid unnecessary fees.

Thank you all once again for the love and support on my sheep/baby goat hats.


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