Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trade list


  Since some of you have been messaging me regarding trades, here is a small list of items I am currently looking for at this time.  Please do not feel offended or bad if I refuse the trade as some colors or items I may already have or not what I have in mind for my dolls.  Thank you for understanding.

**Few things to keep in mind:
-For all trade items, I ship via regular mail just like with all my etsy items, which means no tracking of any kind.  I will not be responsible for lost or stolen packages.  I can ship via registered mail but you will have to pay for this as international postage has gone up insanely this year from USPS (United States Postal Service)

-limited colors/ebay color hats are off the limit (which means I will not make those for trading purposes).

-If I do not know you or have not done trades with you, please provide some sort of feedback for the trade.  Thank you.

Items I am looking for at this time:
-Mimsy hats (especially those with funny expressions)
-Cosmia clothing

If you have any one of these you think you might be able to give up and trade, please email me (do not send me flickr messages):

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