Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Attn: regarding my photos being used for re-selling purposes


This is just a little heads up for those who own my handmade dolly clothes or hats.

I do not mind if you wish to re-sell my handmade items as once the items are in your possessions and you have paid and bought the items, they are yours to decide what you want to do with them (keep them until they are antique, placing them on your pets heads, let them collect dust, reselling/trading them with others or throw them in trashcans...although I truly hope the last one won't happen).  However, I do not like having my photos being used without asking me first for permission and for auctions or reselling purposes.  Please use your own photos.

With this being said, I understand if you are using my photos for flickr tagging games or trading purposes with others as those do not have monetary issues directly involved.

I am not trying to cause any drama and I hate having anything to do with one.  I am only pointing this out as this wasn't the first time that this has happened and someone pointed them out out to me.  Please do not use this and finger point anyone in particular as the only issue I wish to bring to everyone's attention is the photo copyrights.

Thank you for reading and understanding.


  1. i want one of your helmets so bad so hard to get them

  2. Thank you so much! I am really flattered that these hats are being so well loved by blythe lovers. I will try to update daily and as often as I can on my shop.